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Pedestrian Options

Freedom Fair takes place all along Ruston Way waterfront. Pedestrian access is from four entry points.

  • The main entrance is located on McCarver Street from North 30th Street in Old Town Tacoma (where the Freedom Fair Express Bus drops of passengers.
  • The second pedestrian entrance is in the center of the event, just walk down the North 36th Street hill to North Alder Way that intersects with Ruston Way (no public vehicular access is available from this road.)
  • The third entrance is from North Ferdinand Street. It provides pedestrian access as well as vehicular access to the only public parking and disability parking locations (available on a first come first served basis for $20 per car).
  • The fourth pedestrian entrance is from the Town of Ruston via Ruston Way. Vehicles may not enter from this direction.

Suggested admission donations:

$3 per Person - $7 per Family - $15 PATRIOT - $20 HERO

Voluntary admission donations are needed to support the presentation of the festival this year and beyond. Please give generously to help offset expenses incurred by the volunteer-driven non-profit organization that has presented this event for decades. Without your generous donations at the gate, or in advance, it may not be possible to cover the event expenses and to be in a position to present the event next year.

The Tacoma Freedom Fair covers the full length of Ruston Way, which is closed to regular vehicular traffic throughout the event.

Vehicles without event issued passes will not have access to Ruston Way on the 4th of July. It is recommended to avoid using Schuster Parkway and the intersection of McCarver Street and North 30th Street in the afternoon. Please use alternate routes. The only general public vehicle access will be to the paid parking area at the town of Ruston end of the event site.

The public parking area may be entered from N 46th Street and following North Ferdinand Street to the waterfront. Public parking and disability parking is on a first-come, first-served basis for $20 per car.

Click the preview map image below to view a large map of the event area:

Waterfront Map

Freedom Fair Parking

Parking is extremely limited and available on a first come, first serve basis for $20.

If you prefer to drive to the Freedom Fair and park on the waterfront, access to the public parking on Ruston Way from the Ferdinand Street entrance only. Parking passes are $20 and suggested individual entry donations are $2 for anyone under age 16, $5.00 for people age 16 and over, and $15 for families. Think about it, you can bring a car load of people to enjoy a full day of entertainment - including parking - for just $30! Your voluntary admission donations are critical to the continued presentation of the festival this year and beyond.

To get to the public parking area, go to North 46th Street, and turn onto Ferdinand Street. Follow Ferdinand down the hill to where North 46th Street intersects with Ruston Way Waterfront. Police Explorer Scout volunteers will be selling parking passes for $20 per car to the dirt strip located over the curb on Ruston Way just below Waterview Street. The $20 Disability Parking is in a paved lot on the water side of the street, next to the sidewalk, for vehicles displaying proper State issued credentials.

Below is a route map to Freedom Fair and access to the General Public Parking area. Click the map to view a large version.