America Be Strong Stage (MAIN STAGE AT DUKE)

Worthy Music Ministries Stage at Dickman Park

Ram Bighorn Stage

 3:30pm Hilltop Rats – Punk Rock / Party – Tacoma

** No bio Available **

4:30pm The Approach – Reggae / hip hop / rock - Tacoma

The Approach formed in April 2012 combining sounds of Reggae, Hip Hop, and Rock! As a four piece. From playing sold out shows, to small crowds the energy is consistent. Lyrical content is a must as well as defining a new sound to the reggae and live music community. The Approach disbanded a few years back but continue to unite every so often to rock the party.

5:45pm Ethan Tucker Band – Soul / Blues / Rock - Olympia
ethan tucker band

Ethan Tucker’s trademark sound of acoustic roots and layered electric guitars combined with an unmistakable soulful and bluesy vocal, is a recipe which has garnered attention from some of his most popular contemporaries, as well as bonafide legends.

Born in Olympia, Washington, Ethan has traveled the country with Jimmy Cliff, Buddy Guy, and The Wailers as well as national support slots with musical peers Slightly Stoopid, G-Love, and Michael Franti.

With Ethan’s newest release Misunderstood, now out on Stoopid Records (May 5, 2015) his enthusiasm for collaboration is seamlessly exemplified on his 11-song album produced by Michael Franti and Mario Caldato Jr., (Beastie Boys, Jack Johnson, G Love), and includes special guests Money Mark, Norwood Fisher (Fishbone) and Thomas Pridgeon (Mars Volta).

Ethan’s career took off after impressing Michael Franti with an impromptu backstage jam in Spearhead’s dressing room long before ever playing a show together. Ethan was summoned by Franti to come to his studio in San Francisco, CA to record what would later become some of the more infectious tracks on Misunderstood. From there, a bond between the two artists was solidified. The first single “Crazy Tonight” was arranged, recorded, produced at Franti’s studio, also features him on guest vocals. This track, coupled with the reggae-pop hybrid “Cool Kids” (also produced by Franti) opens a new album that is a cohesive coming of age for an artist in Ethan’s shoes - except “ET” as some fans call him, doesn’t wear shoes!!

“I think Ethan is going to be a perennial artist for a lifetime of music. He is not somebody who you think is going to be like three years on the map and then you never hear from them again. “He is going to be an artist to me like Ben Harper or Jack Johnson or even John Lee Hooker." An who plays music until they can’t play anymore.” - Michael Franti

"Ethan is amazing at whatever he does. Singing, strumming, shredding the guitar on leads, or just making people smile. He's good at it all. His latest album Misunderstood has many variations of styles. My favorite song off it is "This has all been a dream". It best captures Ethan's talent and personality Good music is great, but when the personality and character of the person making the music is just as great, there ain't nothin' better."- Kyle McDonald, Slightly Stoopid

7:15pm Decent at Best: Electronic / Pop / New Wave - Tacoma
decent at best

Decent at Best is a collective of friends who share a passion for blending electronic elements, live guitar, melodic vocals and hip-hop to create their own signature style. Their goal is to make tunes that you can party to, dance to or just chill out and vibe to.

All having grown up in the Pacific Northwest, Decent at Best is inspired by fellow North-westerners ODESZA, Beat Connection, The Flavr Blue and various local hip-hop artists.

But we're mainly just out here tryna function.

8:30pm Booboolala: Funk / Pop / Soul - Tacoma


Booboolala is a band that goes down well with everything. In the Summertime, their music feels like Summer. Yet in the greyness of a Northwest winter, Booboolala serves like a full spectrum light, treating the doldrums of early January, with a mix of pop infused party funk, back pack rap, and new RnB anthems. The band emits its own three word mantra with every note.

"Everybody Love Everybody"

It's a rare group of musicians that are both a sum that is better than their parts, and such wonderful parts indeed. The band possesses a Bruno Mars like ability to take so many classic ingredients and bake a cake so fresh it always tastes like today. As they take their music fresh out the oven, it looks easy. It isn't easy. But it is easy to love Booboolala.

BoobooLala is a Tacoma band, by the way of Port Orchard, WA. They are young folks and old friends. They hug new fans, they hold old fans. It's a nice family. Come up to them before or after the show, and ask them the great story of how they got their phonetic name. It's a hard name to forget.

Katie Downs Beer Garden

12:30 to 1:30 PM DJ Music

1:30 to 3:30 PM Air Show

3:30 to 4:30 PM The Phoenix

The Phoenix is a premiere dance band and show band, guaranteed to pack the floor.  This dynamic 5-piece group performs in clubs and casinos throughout the Northwest, bringing a high-energy show whenever they hit the stage. Performing Top-40, Rock, Country and R&B, The Phoenix will keep you rockin’ all night long!  You can catch their act on the Katie Downs Stage at 3:30 PM, 5:30 PM and 7:30 PM.

4:30 to 5:30 PM Rob Kendrick from KZOK and DJ Music

5:30 to 6:30 PM The Phoenix

6:30 to 7:30 PM  Rob Kendrick from KZOK and DJ Music

7:30 to 8:30 PM The Phoenix

Freedom Rockin' Stage (at Camp Patriot)

11:00 -11:45 AM - A Turquoise Noyz

A Turquoise Noyz is one of the newest and hottest bands in the South Sound.  With soulful, dynamic original songs, they have performed at concerts, festivals, clubs, restaurants and private parties.

Terry Smith, bandleader, keyboard player, vocalist and songwriter, combines tasteful soft rock grooves with a touch of Latin rhythms, stellar background harmonies and nostalgic lyrics, reminiscent of a classic era in pop music.

With guitarist Bob Wright’s driving feel and creative, engaging solos, Virgil Bender’s solid bass grooves and Clay Smith’s tight drum beats, A Turquoise Noyz offers up an energetic, all-ages show at the Freedom Fair, from 11 AM to 11:45 AM.

Noon-1:30 PM - Maia Santell and House Blend
maia santell and house blend

The swingin’, soulful and incredibly versatile sounds of songstress Maia Santell and her all-star band House Blend have made them one of the most popular bands in the Northwest.  With a vast repertoire of jazz, blues, swing, Latin and rhythm & blues, their playlist echoes hits of the 1940’s to contemporary favorites. They have performed at such leading venues as Seattle’s Jazz Alley, St. Michelle Wineries, Bumbershoot, San Juan Festival of Arts and the Commencement Bay Jazz Festival.

Doug Bright of Seattle’s Heritage Music Review says, “Maia Santell is one of the Northwest's most dynamic and refreshingly believable vocalists.  Her voice is warm, clear and natural, and totally free of contrived theatricality.  Supported by the seasoned musicians of House Blend, she offers one of the most exhilarating sounds on the Northwest music scene.”

With Al Alto on guitar, Ted Dortch on saxophone, Jay Mabin on harmonica, Mike Slivka on drums and Steve Luceno on bass, Maia Santell and House Blend serve up a hot cup of swing at the Freedom Fair, from noon to 1:30 PM.

1:30 - 3:30 pm - FREEDOM FAIR AIR SHOW

3:30 – 5:00 PM  - The Nick Mardon Trio

The Nick Mardon Trio blends the sound of electric blues with pop, jazz, funk and rock, offering up an eclectic mix of material in their driving, energetic shows. The band is known for their dynamic, high powered performances which feature extended improvisations on some of the most iconic music from the last 50 years, and their catchy, creative originals touch on many genres with melodic style and instrumental energy.

Nick Mardon fronts the band with melodic vocals and a command of the guitar beyond his years, and his solid rhythm section features Adin Pennington on the bass and background vocals and Andy Emery on drums and percussion. Adin and Andy have been perfecting their groove since they played together as teenagers in garage bands.

Check out the Nick Mardon Trio at the Freedom Fair, from 3:30 PM to 5 PM.

5:30 – 7:00 PM  - Mark Hurwitz and Gin Creek

Mark Hurwitz and Gin Creek is a two time nominee for Best Band by the Washington Blues Society. They play at leading clubs, festivals and venues in the Northwest, including the Westport Blues Festival, The Gray Sky Blues Music Festival in Tacoma, The Gig Harbor Rockin’ Rhythm and Blues Festival, The Bite of Seattle, The Taste of Tacoma, and Northwest Folklife.  Their 2019 summer schedule includes shows at The Gorge Blues and Brews Festival in Stevenson, Washington, and as the headliner band at Federal Way Blues and Brews.

The band’s repertoire and style reflects elements of swing, jazz, roots rock, rhythm and blues and soul, with a strong, driving rhythmic feel that keeps dance floors packed. The band features the rockin’ piano and vocals of leader Mark Hurwitz, the sizzling saxophone of Sheryl Clark and the dynamic lead vocals of Adrienne Thompson.

Mark Hurwitz and Gin Creek perform at the Freedom Fair from 5:30 PM to 7 PM.

7:30 – 9:00 PM  - The Linda Myers Band

Playing venues from Vancouver to South Bend, the Linda Myers Band performs blues, funk and rhythm and blues with four outstanding vocalists and a horn section. With a dynamic vocal range, Linda gets into your every fiber, leaving you in awe.

Bassist Harvey Wicklund, drummer Andre Thomas and guitarist David Bray create a powerhouse, solid rhythm section, while also adding to the vocal chores. This outstanding lineup is complete with David Scroggins on trumpet, Matt Condit on tenor sax, Sheryl Clark on tenor and baritone sax, Angelo Guerrero on tenor sax and Rolf Olsen on keyboards.

The Linda Myers Band performs at the Freedom Fair from 7:30 PM to 9 PM.


Congo Drum Circle (East End of Marine Park)

2:00-8:00 PM

Congo Productions Drum Circle

The Drum Circle was primarily formed to promote cultural awareness and an exchange of ideas. They perform at street fairs, festivals, coffee houses and schools; anywhere their message and their music will find the ears of the community. Their goal is to bring society’s people together to celebrate worldwide ethnic awareness. This group is part of the “The Drumming Outreach Project,” which aims to attract and integrate diverse cultural groups into a unique drumming experience. There will be a performance by the members of the group, as well as a chance for outside participation. Poets, performers, musicians and dancers are also invited to take part. The group was formed many years ago when its founders felt that there was very little minority representation of the arts. Willie “Congo” Carter, the founder of The Drum Circle believes that there is a lot of undiscovered talent in the area whose only hindrance is lack of motivation and confidence. Drum Circle endeavors to provide the atmosphere needed to gain these qualities. The Drum Circle and workshop is an all-day event. Take the time to come down and test your talent with the ultimate drumming experience.

Silver Cloud Beer Garden & Coastline Beer Garden (DJ's & Karaoke)


Listen and Sing-Along to your favorite hits while enjoying a cold drink in either or Silver Cloud or Coastline Beer Gardens. Perform Karaoke to your favorite tunes. Over 200,000 songs to choose from…this will be one fantastic time for all.

Veteran Guitar Circle (near the Lobster Shop)

Join us for SoundVetJam throughout the day on the waterfront next to the Lobster Shop at Freedom Fair 2019. Be a part of our Veteran Guitar Circle Jam where we relax, build friendships and have fun playing music together. Music is healing by nature and it’s the mission of MusicWorks4Veterans to provide Military Veterans, Service Members and their Families with opportunities to participate in music.