Tacoma's 4th of July Fireworks Extravaganza!

Tacoma Freedom Fair Fireworks
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A Fireworks Extravaganza!

The fireworks extravaganza is a spectacular grand finale to the Tacoma Freedom Fair. The event is presented by the Tacoma Events Commission – a community-based, volunteer-driven, independent non-profit organization – founded in 1980. The fireworks barge will be centered on the middle of the event site on the Ruston Way waterfront in front of Katie Downs. There aren't any bad viewing locations along Ruston Way!

The fireworks show begins at 10:10 pm and will include shells ranging from three to ten inches in diameter – the size of basketballs! The height each shell reaches after firing varies depending on size. The largest reach a height of almost a quarter of a mile before bursting.

The display will be synchronized to a soundtrack broadcast from sound system on the Les Davis Pier, from several stages, and on Rock 98.9 FM and KLAY AM 1180, so bring a radio. The soundtrack includes patriotic songs and familiar classics.

Rock 98.9    KLAY 1880

FireworksThe show kicks off with an eye-catching opener, with shells specifically sequenced based on colors and effects and designed to exacting accuracy. Manufactured at locations around the world, each shell has unique characteristics depending on where the shells are created, and by what company.

The show includes hundreds of color-changing shells ranging from purple to white with brilliant sapphire blue, gold changing to red and blue, and gold glitter to purple with white strobes. Colorful crackling candles and shells will rain and arc over Commencement Bay.

The extravaganza concludes with a spectacular grand finale that will feature every color in the rainbow.

Tacoma’s annual 4th of July Freedom Fair is made possible by the support of the City of Tacoma, generous sponsors, and individual donations made by the public at event entry gates. The volunteers who work all year to make this celebration possible can’t do it without public support. Please send your tax deductable donation or a note of thanks to:

The Tacoma Events Commission,
4109 Bridgeport Way W Suite E-7
University Place WA 98466-4328

Please donate online to help keep this grand event going and growing. To volunteer - please register your interest by filling out our online volunteer application.

Thank you!